Unique personalised clocks to brighten up the bedroom

and help teach the time!

Handmade in Regional WA

Gifts that are one of a kind

 Our beautifully handmade clocks are designed to fit your little ones’ personality while helping them navigate the difficult task of learning to tell the time. All clocks are created and sent with love from our small family business located in Western Australia. 

A Game Changer!

When we were in the process of teaching Cassie to read analogue time, I thought it was a great idea. Until I discovered that most of the kid-friendly clocks out there were SO HARD to read. You could barely distinguish between the different hands of the clock, and some didn’t even have numbers on them! Just when I had all but given up, I came across Killen Time Clocks, and they’re a game changer. Reading the time has never been easier – and it has been perfect for Cassie.
Flick Frankish
The Baby Vine

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